FPGA C Compiler

First, special thanks to Dave Galloway's original TMCC hardware description language work for the University of Toronto's Transmogrifier system which was the starting point for this project.

The beta-2 release includes project work since the initial beta release by Isaac Pentinmaki,  Rahul Menon, and John Bass.  Supporting work setting up CVS/SVN done by Mark Phillips.  See the top level README file for contributions, and the user manual in the doc directory for more information.

FpgaC is an amazingly powerful tool, even in it's current subset C form, for exploring reconfigurable computing projects.  This is very useful for many C programmers wishing to develop robotics or other hobby applications. Code testing can largely be done with a traditional compiler and source code debug environment, and once working, moved to the FPGA target platform with FpgaC.  Much easier than learning VHDL or Verilog, and debugging in a simulator environment with test vectors for applications which involve complex algorithms and state machines.

Other team members are welcome that would like to join the FpgaC project.  Several job postings have been made for short term projects, and longer term help is certainly welcome.  See the Feature Requests page for project ideas, and be sure to add your own too.

If you enjoyed your compilers class, want to contribute to open source Reconfigurable Computing, or are looking for a senior project or thesis, consider helping with FpgaC for your project.

The core developers for this project are not employer supported, and most of us are self employed consultants that take time from our families and other paying work to support this project.  If you find this tool useful, please help further it's development with donations at:
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